Bundled Courses of Advanced & Professional Level for Ambience Engineering

(DJ | Music Production Context)


Duration: Total 16 Sessions

Group | Up to 3 persons

Advanced Level - 8 Sessions (60 mins per session)

Professional Level - 8 Sessions (60 mins per session)


This bundled courses customized for learners with at least intermediate knowledge in music and DJing. Course includes the various music production skills present in recent music genres encompassed within music mixing.  If pursued as stand-alone programs, they generally take about a year to finish. Musical skill and a specialized diploma may be required. 

It prepares learners for entry-level jobs in professional studios and production facilities. Using both the analog and digital technologies, learners will learn multiple areas of production, post-production, mixing, editing and live sound. Learners are also offered hands-on experience with audio equipment in the music lab. Students will learn a wide range of concepts and skills. 

Course Outline 

Advanced Level (8 Sessions):

・Advanced Live DJ techniques 

・Basic editing with digital DAW (digital audio workstation)

・Creative use of MIDI pads as a musical instrument

・Creative use of USB (PIONEER rekordbox) style

・Music and Dialogue editing 

・Recording and Mixing live audio to DAW 

​・Designing Digital filters 

Professional Level (8 Sessions):

​・Recording and Mixing live audio to DAW 

・Logic Pro 9 / X  skills and application 

・Digital Audio programming 

・Studio Design 

・Advanced knowledge of EQ in DAW

・Creative use of DAW effects, automation, pan, etc

・Arranging and Instrumental studies 

・Pre- and Post- Production Skills 

・Computer Graphics 

Who Should Attend

Participants applying for this program should confidently qualify for entry positions such as 

  • Assistant Producer 

  • Live Sound Technician 

  • Studio Technician

  • Assistant recording engineer

  • Assistant live sound engineer


Details of target segment suitable for the course:

- Participants seeking to work in the audio industry

  Possible career development for occupations such as:

 ・Sound Assistant / Technicians

 ・Live Sound Engineer

 ・Recording Engineer / Mixier

 ・Equipment Manufacturer's Sales Representative

Minimum Entry Requirements

Learners should be at least age 21 years old and above.

Learning Outcome

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the use of recording technology

  • Demonstrate the ability to solve technical problems

  • Identify the role of music publishing in entertainment and music business

  • Demonstrate adequate techniques and skills used in operating studio equipment and sound systems

  • Demonstrate an understanding of music production

  • Identify acoustic and electronic concepts

  • Describe waveform properties

  • Describe studio set-up and signal routing

  • Demonstrate console and recording operation techniques

  • Identify and describe basic recording studio procedures

Main Trainer

DJ toMU:吐夢   


 SGD $1,600

for total 16 sessions for up to 3 persons3 persons

Graduates' Works

DJ TANZO (Tan Wei Xiang)

DJ Natchang (Natsumi Yoshida)

DJ Mojo (David Leoy)