DJ = INNOVATIVE Groove Maker

Like buying a mini audio stereo, DJ equipment has been getting more affordable in recent years.

Following this trend, the need for a DJ has become more widespread, as they are nowadays required not only in the nightlife scene (ie. clubs and bars), but also at private home parties, BBQs, weddings, etc.

IN FACT, everyone can become a DJ with ease!

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Now, you may be wondering, 

"What are DJs actually doing behind the decks?"

"What are DJs listening to on the headphones when they play music for a crowd?"

"What is the purpose of their laptop? Aren't the turntables or CDJs enough?"

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You will be able to find out the answers to these questions immediately in our trial lesson where you can have a hands on experience to take a peek into what DJing is like.


Before you consider attending our trial lesson, we would like you to first have a slightly deeper understanding of DJing.

Roles of DJing in the DIGITAL ERA

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Show Ning Director : DJ toMU

at Universal Studio Singapore.

What DJing is to the music industry is very much what Google is to the IT world.

Everyday, the music industry comes out with thousands of new songs, regardless of whether it is commercial or underground music.

Each DJ has to search, select, and collect sounds accumulated from both the past and present, very much like how "Google Crawler" is checking every website's data and contents all the time to rank them on the search engines by each keyword tagged.

Music played by DJs can also kickstart an "INNOVATIVE GROOVE TREND" in music, making DJs a very effective advertisement tool.

3 traits of people who will suit DJing

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【Potential occasions of above types】

For reference only

Type A: Live Showcases | Competitions | Road Shows | Collaborations with other live musicians, etc. 

Type B: Music Festivals | Clubs | Bars | Road Shows | Show Biz Entertainment Medias, etc.

Type C: Private Home Parties | BBQs | Weddings | Social Media Platforms, etc.


"So, is there REALLY no prior musical background required to start DJing?"

More than 85% of learners in Show Ning DJ SCHOOL didn't have any previous DJing / musical background when they joined us. However, more than 95% of qualified people have EXPERIENCED DJing at live venues and events.

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"Roughly how long does it take to be able to play in front of a crowd?"

With the methods of Show Ning DJ SCHOOL, having lessons on average ONCE A WEEK, we will be able to provide qualified learners with their CHANCES TO DJ at live venues and events IN ONLY 6 MONTHS. 

This will be a form of practical experience to show what it is like behind the DJ booth and how it feels like to perform for an audience.

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For the new members, we encourage them to target the 2 gray areas on the left of the graph below first, before moving on to further aspirations.

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Would you like to try DJing?


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