Master SCHOOL DJ Course

"Are you ready for the live performance?"

・Creation of Professional Practical Live Performance Set;

 Throughout the High SCHOOL DJ Course, you have made own Mega Mix set.

 The faster leaners might have succeeded to create up to over 30 songs which could be played in less than 20 minutes for their Mega Mix.

 However, to play for the actual live platforms such as venues, online streaming services, etc,  DJs are required to play for at least 1 hour in general.

 In this module, our instructors will teach how to build up the longer live set combined with not only your Mega Mix but also different musical genres for the practical live performance to the public audiences, listeners, and/or online viewers.

 Additionally, we will help you create a dynamic motion image for your promotion and marketing use to SNS. 


Please check the videos for your reference.



​Total 12 Lessons | 45 mins per lesson


Payment per 4 lessons plan

【1 to 1 Private Lessons】

SGD 295 onwards

 【Group Lessons 】

  SGD 180 per person onwards

12-Lesson Package Plan


Flexi Payment Plan also AVAILABLE!

"SAVE As You Learn!"

NOTE:  Regarding the enquiry for our course system details, to prevent from misunderstanding, we strongly recommend you to physically visit our premises.

​Thank you for your understanding!