DJ Mixing


Digital Effects

"DJ Music, Mixing and Digital Effects"



Duration: 2 days (8 hours)

A 2-days hands-on course customized for fresh learners, course includes the various DJ styles present in recent music genres encompassed within DJing.

Learners will explore with creative sound design and experience creating their own original flair of music.

Learners are taught the concepts of digital music creation as well as proper skills to apply on selection of songs and extraction of music.

This course aims to build learners' confidence in creating their unique mix set and blending one track to another. Relevant hands-on exercises also allow learners to practice digital music mixing.

Course Outline 

Module 1 (4 hours):

・Introduction of DJing

・Knowledge of terms used in DJing, i.e. flow, groove, cut, drop, etc

・Alignment of song structures with the digital sound waves

・Framework of DJ mixing

・BPM effects

​・Cue points effects

・Basic knowledge of beat matching

Module 2 (4 hours):

​・Sharpening DJ mixing

・Produce quality multi track EQ transitions

・Foundation to sync sounds for fast and accurate mixes

・Creative use of basic digital effects

・Image of DJ, Marketing and Branding yourself (Introduction only)

Who Should Attend

Participants applying for this program should specify and illustrate to us clearly upon registration, of their desire to join this course for further career development purposes and/or their interest to take on DJ as a career.

Details of target segment suitable for the course:

- Participants seeking to join the events and media industry.

  Possible career advancements to occupations such as:


 ・Event and Media Creative Planner

 ・Music Curator

 ・Entertainment and Music Director

- Participants seeking to work in the audio industry

  Possible career development for occupations such as:

 ・Sound Assistant / Technicians

 ・Live Sound Engineer

 ・Recording Engineer / Mixier

 ・Equipment Manufacturer's Sales Representative

Minimum Entry Requirements

​・Ages 25 onwards

Singaporeans only

No musical background is required

・Bring along a USB thumb drive (at least 2GB of free space)

Learning Outcome

・Participants will be able to read and demonstrate good comprehension of digital sound waves

・Participants will be able to identify bespoke DJ equipment set up and gig problems, evaluate problem-solving strategies, and develop situation based solutions

・Participants will demonstrate the ability to evaluate, integrate, and apply appropriate information/sound/digital effects from various sources to create and design music mix

・Participants will demonstrate the ability to align beats, song structures and apply into their unique mix


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SGD $520

(2 days | 8 hours)