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Registration and Refund Policy


A refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure registration. 

Notification of Acceptance:

A notification of acceptance will be issued to you by email only if all the requirements listed here are fulfilled.

(1) Completion of online registration

(2) Submission of IC copy front and back to email : 

(3) Cash payment/bank transfer/Paypal online (purchase refundable deposit from DJ Shop for soft registration) is completed to Show Ning Lab Pte Ltd 

Note: Cheque deposit of $100 must be cleared and credited into Show Ning Lab Pte Ltd before notification of acceptance can be issued

Failure to fulfill any of the requirements above will not guarantee confirmation of registration.

Your obligations:

Please ensure that the applicant is the attendee for the class (it is an offence to claim from another Singaporean's account)

Show Ning Lab accepts soft registrations up to 90 days prior to then scheduled class. However, SkillsFuture Claims can only be submitted 60 days before the course commencement date. Please submit your claims as soon as the 60 days claims window opens.

SkillsFuture Claim Guide:

Please ensure registration name is exactly the same as your NRIC. SkillsFuture and Show Ning Lab requires ID verification for all the registrations and claims.

The following documents are required to be submitted to SkillsFuture for claims:

  • Applicant's IC copy (front and back scanned)

  • Notification of Acceptance letter (not invoice from paypal) to SkillsFuture. The Notice of Acceptance Letter would specify the Class Date, Time, Course Code and Your Name. This must be submitted as supporting evidence to ensure a successful claim.

  • Input the course fee as amount “payable by you” and “amount payable by you” should be the total course fee (excludes the initial deposit of $100). Lastly, select fees payable to Training Provider

  • Questions pertaining to SkillsFuture Claim should be directed to SkillsFuture as Show Ning Lab does not have access and information/status with regards to your SkillsFuture claims


Registration is only confirmed upon receiving the deposit and approval of claim from SkillsFuture.

Should we receive only your deposit and no approval of claim from SkillsFuture, you will be required to pay the full course fee on the day of scheduled class. Full course fee excludes the refundable $100 deposit. You will not be allowed to join the scheduled course if the outstanding fee balances are not paid to us before commencement.  

Should a situation require you to top up course fee of more than $100, you may use the deposit to off-set and pay the remaining balance to us by cash/bank transfer. Please email to us in advance if you have an intent to use the initial deposit to offset any additional top up as well as clear all the outstanding fee balances at least 5 business days before the scheduled class commencement. No deposit will be refunded to you in this case.

Failure to inform us in advance may not secure you registration for the scheduled course if the class is full.

We will suggest you consider an alternative course scheduled date instead.

Acceptable payment modes for outstanding fee balances: Cash / Bank transfer (FAST) only

Request for transfer of course:
If you have received confirmation for a course but are unable to attend on the scheduled commencement date, you can:
a) Request for a transfer to another course. Bespoke requests will only be entertained if the notice of transfer is received more than 2 weeks before the commencement date by email with valid reasons only or with the submission of a medical certificate within 5 business days from your scheduled class/course. Please see definitions of valid reasons here.
b) Request for a transfer to another class/course is only allowed once.

Minimum of at least 4 successfully registered attendees to commence. 

If we do not receive the minimum number of registrations for a class to commence, we will cancel the specific dated course, and reschedule applicants for another course date/time.

No Shows:

Your course fee is non refundable if you fail to show up for any of the scheduled classes without prior notification to us by email. 

Should you be able to submit a valid medical certificate within 5 business days from your scheduled class/course, you may attend an alternative class/course at no additional charges. 

You are required to attend an alternative class/course within 1 month. Requests will not be entertained for alternatives dated more than 1 month after your originally confirmed class/course.


A non-refundable administrative fee of $30 applies to all notices of withdrawals.

Note: Refund will only be made to applicants who inform notice of withdrawal in advance via emails only. Refund will only be made to applicants within 30 calendar days after the scheduled course he/she withdrew from by cash only at our premise (appointment basis only, please email us for timeslot for refund collection).