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For General Courses


 Initial fees of SGD 60 (registration fee | non-refundable) is required to secure your slot for the first lesson on a per student basis.


 Full payment of fees, or any balance thereof, will be required on the specific due date before booking the commencing date and timing. 


 Fees will be forfeited if you withdraw during middle of the course.
 Lessons are non-transferable and refunds will not be granted under any circumstances.


 For the continuation onto the next course, each learner is required to make a full payment by the end of current course's last lesson.
 *There will be5% late payment charge should you fail to make a payment by the due date.

  DO NOTE that each student has to commence the 1st lesson of each course within 21 days from the date of the last lesson. ​​
 The payment (inclusive of initial registration fee and student deposit) will be forfeited should you fail to commence within 21 days. 
 Should you be unable to commence within 21 days due to the long stay overseas, half of the initial deposit of each course plan to be placed in advance.
 For the withdrawal from ShowNing DJ Lab, notice must be received, in writing, by 4 weeks prior to the last lesson of each course at
For Jr. SCHOOL DJ Course, notice must be received in writing by 2 weeks prior to the last lesson of the course.


 You are required to arrive at least 5 minutes before your lesson commences. Your lesson will still end on time, regardless of your late arrival.

 Please note that ShowNing DJ Lab will not be accepting any requests to pro-long any lesson duration if the basis of these requests are due to lateness without a reasonable cause: 
eg. accident, death of acquaintance/relatives, act of god, etc.
 DO NOTE that traffic jams, wet weathers and/or work (including school) related matters are unacceptable reasons for not being punctual.


​For bookings on Weekdays, slots are confirmed individually between learners and instructors.

For bookings on Saturdays,

1. All the learners who book Saturday's slots regularly on a weekly basis are required to update directly ShowNing DJ Lab with the regards of their availability for the Saturday's slot, latest by 1600HR on every Thursday.

​2. Failure to confirm or update your availability after 1600HR will will result in your slot counted as one lesson.
​For public holidays, 48 hours advanced notice is required to confirm your slot.


 All intent to cancel and/or change of lesson booking/schedule will need to be informed to Show Ning DJ Lab at least 24 hours before the start of any lesson.
 *For weekend, public Holiday booking, 48 hours advance notice is required.
 The newly scheduled date must be scheduled within 3 WORKING DAYS from the originally scheduled date.
 Any other rescheduling of lessons will not be entertained once the newly scheduled date is fixed. 
 Rescheduling of any lessons will only be allowed ONCE in every month.
 There will not be any make-up sessions for impromptu cancellations/reschedules.

 Any other rescheduling of lessons after the first time will not be entertained and the original booking slot will be counted as one lesson.
 Failure to inform ShowNing DJ Lab of any change in schedule within the acceptable duration will result in the booking slot counted as one lesson.
 Failure to reschedule the lesson within the acceptable duration will result in the original booking slot counted as one lesson.


 Make-up lessons will only be allowed upon submission of a medical certificate issued by a medical personnel should there be any medical reasons pertaining to the student or their immediate family members.(Photocopy or a picture of the MC will be accepted)

 All other reasons will only be considered on a case by case basis.

 Should the reason be deemed as unacceptable, no make-up lessons will be allowed, and the original booking slot will be counted as one lesson.

 Please note that make-up lessons are not applicable for absence due to impromptu cancellation caused by traffic jams, wet weather and/or individual work (including school) related matters.

9. Promotional Materials

ShowNing DJ Lab may use promotional materials of our learners, such as photos, videos, etc taken during lessons, gigs, and so on.

If learners do not wish to have their promotional materials used by ShowNing DJ Lab, please inform us in advance.

10. Talent Management 

All registered learners are required to inform By joining ShowNing DJ Lab programs, learners will be provided talent management services from the date of the class commencement till graduation + additional 6 months coverage.

Talent management includes all DJ related works offered to our learners, outside of Show Ning Lab's events, during the period of their coverage with Show Ning Lab.


ShowNing DJ Lab will represent the learners for negotiation, terms of their DJ related works, and all talent management agreements.


 Please refer to the following table regarding the expiration of all course packages.

*Regardless of how long duration you have signed up or any reasons including advance notices to ShowNing DJ Lab, the payment will be automatically forfeited without any prior notice should you fail to attend even 1 lesson within 4 weeks from the date of your last lesson.

NOTE: ShowNing DJ Lab reserves the rights to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.
*Last updated on 31st March 2022

*Previous updated on 4th May 2019

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