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DJ Mr. WuShido (TW | USA)

 DJ toMU sensei is not only an exceptional DJ but also an outstanding DJ instructor.

 Under his guidance, I achieved a spot among the top 5 finalists in the Sentosa DJ Spin-Off competition held in 2023 in Singapore, despite having only 1 and half years of DJing experience.

 It's noteworthy that other finalists had over 8 years of experience.

 While I couldn't secure the 3rd place and its cash prizes as a result, the efficiency of my progress is quite remarkable.

 With consistent attendance at ShowNing DJ Lab's lessons, you can complete their general courses in about 10 months and gain skills equivalent to 5 - 6 years of experience.

 Save your valuable time and fast-track your journey to realising your dreams!

 So, why not choose ShowNing DJ Lab?

 They are always here to support you every step of the way professionally!


DJ essay (JPN)

 When I joined this DJ lab, I was completely new to DJing.

 However, after 2 years of learning, I've gotten not only the 3rd place for one of the biggest DJ competitions online in Japan in '21, but also 4th place in Re:Activate DJ competition physically held in Singapore '22 + top 8 finalist for Pioneer DJ's Revolution DJ competition in '22.

All was led by DJ toMU sensei.

ShowNing DJ Lab is strongly recommended to people from absolute beginners to international competition levels.


DJ satokitty (JPN)

 Thanks to the professional and handsome instructions with much patience, I've managed to place in the 4th place for Kamikaze DJ Battle ONLINE 2021 which was one of the biggest DJ competitions in Japan.

 Very good school for both beginners and experienced.
 I strongly recommend!

 Arigato Gozaimasu, dear handsome 先生! LOL

Jakson & Kayneth To (SG)

 Both myself and my son (9 years old when he first joined) started in December 2020.

 Was something we wanted to try out during his school holiday, we enjoyed it so much and have been continuing with all the courses until today (November 2021)

 DJ toMU is very knowledgeable and patient, the course is very well structured, step by step.

 Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start DJing.


YuXuan Tan (SG)

 Features a really good curriculum, designed by veteran DJ toMU to cater to both beginners and experienced students.

 Having established himself as a top-tier turntablist on an international level, coupled with his decades of experience in the field, DJ toMU is the best to learn from in Singapore.

Generally, the one-to-one lessons allow for greater flexibility and are customised according to individuals’ learning paces.

In my 6 months of learning, I developed a solid technical foundation in DJ-ing, and gained a lot of valuable insight about the industry and the business.

 The prices are very reasonable - as a university student, it was perfectly manageable to fund my school fees independently.

 Would highly recommend this school

+ toMU san has a really handsome character, by the way! haha

Noa Miyajima (JPN)

 The teaching method is logical & easy to follow.  Definitely recommend for new starters who want to learn the fundamentals and love their selection of music!



David Cho (Korea)

 Learnt from DJ toMU for 7 months through Elementary to Advanced.

 It was an awesome experience, and he really taught me professionally!

 Gamsa haeyo!!

Nicholas Seah (SG)

 教师非常有耐心, 课程非常的有趣, 设备也非常的齐全。


 一个非常国际化的学校, 学生能认识来自各国各地的学生和毕业生, 也能得到现场实习的机会。

One To One Web.jpg

Chew Hui Go (SG)

 Teacher is patient and teach you the basic techniques and at the same time enjoying the lesson a lot!

 Thanks, handsome teacher! 

Would You Like To Try It Out?



​Mobile +65 97764698

465 North Bridge Road #02-5085B Singapore 191465


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