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Sharpening DJ mixing;

 Students will be taught how to refine DJ mixing skills to produce quality multi track EQ transitions.

 Foundation to sync sounds for fast and accurate mixes. Students will learn to maneuver high quality audio interfaces to hone their DJ mixing craft and understand harmonic music sequence flow.

Creative use of digital effects;

 Students will be taught the correct use for varieties of effector functions.

 Live demonstration of modern contemporary sounds will be introduced in this segment.

Mixing with different musical genres and tempo manipulation;

 To become a DJ professional with excellence, students will need to cultivate a good grasp of tempo and rhythm sense.

 This module illustrates multi music genre combination mix via cross over tempos. Students will learn how to apply numerous styles of mixing for different occasions and perform a dynamic DJ set.

Essentials of live performance set building;

 This segment emphasizes the importance of loop functions.

 In depth set planning and music synchronization.

 Students are guided on phrase structures Introduction of Scratching as a musical instrument (level 1).

 Students are introduced the most authentic tools and techniques to get hands-on experience using both analogue and digital equipment. Introduction to DJ scratching skills.

3 month
45 mins per lesson

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