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Advanced DJ techniques;

 Building on the DJ skills acquired in Junior and Middle School DJ Courses, learners will be taught how aspects of practical DJing as a precise skill will be.

 They will focus on optimal practice habits, creative music combination and creating tight DJ live sets.


 Here our question is..,

【How long is your play set going to be if you use 15 tracks?】

 i. 45 minutes?

 ii. 30 minutes?

 iii. 25 minutes?

 iv. Less than 8 minutes?

- Professional DJs should choose "iv" for an answer.


This kind of style is called "MEGA MIX".

In this module, our director, DJ toMU will teach individually how to improve your current mixing style boosting up to the next level.

Creative editing with digital software;

 Students will learn how to edit tracks productively with the simple knowledge of DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and other plug-in software to make your live set easier.

3 months
45 mins per lesson

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