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・Outline of DJ basics;

 This is an elementary segment to introduce people to music via DJ basics.

 The course aims to provide students with basic beat counting techniques and sound design.

 Students will gain an understanding of sound waves and melodies to combine simple soundtracks into a DJs mix.

・Introduction to DJing;

 This component illustrates the various DJ styles and emphasizes on different music genres encompassed in DJing as a whole.

 Students will be equipped with the creative sound design skills to create their own original flair of music.

・Introduction to the proper use of DJ equipment and software;

 Students are instructed the proper use of DJ equipment.

 They will learn the important techniques to set up DJ console, wiring, and initial settings of DJ software.

 Additionally they will learn to operate DJ and audio equipment to start preparation for live performance.

・BPM Effects;

 This foundation allows students to understand the definitions of tempo using theoretical principles and technical hands on practical skills.

 Students will learn beat counting and align their sound design with song structures.

・Basic knowledge of beat matching;

 Students are taught the knowledge of cue points and skills to apply concepts on selection of songs and extraction of music to plot and align beats with different tempo smoothly.

 This module aims to build students’ confidence in creating their unique mix set and blending one track to another seamlessly.

1 Month
45 mins per session

Q1Do I need to purchase a DJ equipment and/or necessary softwares for lessons?
A1.  There is NO EXTRA COST for the softwares such as Serato DJ Pro and/or rekordbox DJ.
Regarding the consideration of the personal equipment.., NO RUSH!

You may use our facilities during lessons, and slowly consider to purchase your own equipment after proper understanding the foundation of DJing with the functions of its basic mechanism.

Q2. Do I need to fix the lesson's schedules?
A2. As we go by flexible appointment basis, you may book a lesson with your convenient schedules. *Terms and Conditions APPLY.

Q3. How can I practice if I want?
A3. You may get started with using our facilities for your personal practice first. After which, you may slowly consider if you prefer to purchase your own equipment or stay in practice at our premises.


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