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NO DJ Equipment?


Start Your DJ Journey At HOME

【Struggling to dive into the DJ world!?】

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We've Got You COVERED!

Unleash your DJing passion and interest,

anytime, anywhere with a life time access!

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Meet DJ toMU, our international award-winning instructor

from Tokyo, Japan, now in Singapore!

What You Will Learn?

✅ Exploration to DJing;

  This segment delves intro various DJ styles, with a focus on Electronic Dance Music (EDM), delivered through an online platform.

  Learners will cultivate creative sound design skills, enabling them to craft their distinctive EDM style by mastering the intricacies of DJ mixing.

✅ Foundation of DJ Basics;

 A fundamental section designed to introduce individuals to music through DJ basics.

 The course aims to equip learners with essential beat counting techniques and sound design knowledge.

 They will grasp concepts of sound waves and melodies, facilitating the fusion of simple soundtracks into a seamless DJ mix.

✅ Utilizing Software with Your Computer;

Learners receive guidance on the effective use of DJ software, covering initial setup and key functionalities.

✅ BPM Effects;

 This foundational module empowers learners to comprehend tempo definitions through theoretical principles and hands-on technical skills.

 They will master beat counting and synchronise their sound design with song structure.

✅ Essentials of Beat Matching;

 Learners gain insights into cue points and techniques for seamlessly aligning beats with varying tempos.

 This module fostered confidence in creating unique mix sets and blending tracks seamlessly from not to another.

Total 6 Lessons | 1 hour 15 minutes

Lesson 1Crucial software configurations (04:26)
 - iTunes & rekordbox

Lesson 2Understanding the purpose of cue points (11:09)

Lesson 3 | Exploring distinctions between Beats and Rhythms (21:56)
Emphasising the importance of accurate beat counting
- Basic understanding of 8 bars mix

Lesson 4 Identifying optimal locations for 4 cue points within the EDM structure (22:41)

Lesson 5 | Enhancing efficiency (14:18)
- What is the most effective method for swiftly creating those 4 cue points in the workflow? 

Lesson 6 | Congratulations! (01:13)

Q1Do I need to purchase a DJ equipment and/or necessary softwares for lessons?
A1.  There is NO EXTRA COST for the softwares, and this course offers how to learn the foundation of DJing anytime, anywhere with just a laptop or desktop computer.
Hence, No EQUIPMENT required.

Q2. Do I need to fix the lesson's schedules?
A2. Upon enrolling in this course, you'll gain access to all lesson videos and supplementary resources for convenient self-paced review.

Q3. How to sign up for this course? 
A3. You can sign up from global online learning platform, UDEMY.

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